Lack or Abundance?

Your mindset matters.

From what mindset do you operate? What’s your MO? I’m not talking about outlook, as in glass half full or empty, I mean when you consider opportunities in your life do you gravitate to feeling like you can’t have what you want, that you can’t figure out the problem ahead, or worse, that you’re not worthy to receive what you long for? Those thoughts and feelings stem from a mindset of lack, and what you focus on is what you get.

For months I have been operating from a mindset of lack. I lost faith in myself, my talents, and ability, so most everything that I approached got filtered through that lens. Feeling unworthy spilled over to my relationships, work, and my writing.

  • Why should I bother trying to have close friends when I feel like the worst friend on the planet for not reaching out more? 

  • Why should I bother applying for that position when surely they’ll determine that I’m not qualified?

  • Why should I bother publishing anything because I don’t have as much writing experience as others, so my writing sucks.

The list is much longer, trust me. If you’re operating from a mindset of lack, flip the switch.

I am not suggesting that you “fake it until you make it”… I've never liked that expression. Think, "the show must go on" instead. As an actress, I learned that your audience doesn't respond to lack; the energy that you give is the energy that you get back. You have to show up to the stage prepared to be authentic, faking it won’t cut it.

Acting isn’t faking, acting is believing with total commitment. A well-trained actress commands her performance when she operates from faith and dedication to her character and surroundings.

The same is true in life. You must believe with a total abandon that you are capable and worthy to receive what you set your heart and mind to achieve.

Affirmations or positive phrases or statements used to challenge negative or unhelpful thoughts work when we believe and use them regularly.

My affirmations with a mindset of prosperity and abundance:

  • I am worthy and capable.

  • I trust that my friends and family love and support me.

  • I can attract business relationships to take my career to the next level.

  • Writing is a muscle that I will train and improve.

Rather than a mindset of lack, I’m choosing to believe and practice abundance, will you join me?

Thank you for your time today. There are lots of other things you could have done with these few minutes, so I appreciate that you spent them with me. If you found value in this post, please leave me a comment and share with a friend.

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