Be real.

#RealTalk vol 8

For the last few weeks, I’ve been working with several clients helping them to draft mission statements based on personal beliefs. It occurred to me that putting music to a personal mission statement makes for a theme song. If I had a theme song, it would be a version of Life is Real by Ayo.  

Life is Real captures a message of resolve and authenticity with a little whimsy and a lot of soul. The lyrics remind me that I must do what feels right in my heart and hope others appreciate and respect my decisions. Of course, I’m gonna do me even when others don’t like or understand why.  

“Some people say that I'm too open they say it's not good to let them know everything about me and they say one day they will use every little thing against me, but I don't mind maybe they're right that's just how it is, and I got nothing to hide.

I live my life the way I want I got nothing to hide nothing at all, life is not a fairy tale, they should know that life is real.

Life is real." - Ayo

The gist, be true to yourself, be real. We are surrounded by pressure to fit in, to be like everyone else. Don’t do it, don’t give in; conformity is a people killer.

There is immense freedom in being who you are vs. what others expect of you or a carbon copy of other folks. Always, #doyou. 

If you enjoy music that is a “...blend of folk, reggae, pop with soulful influences and a touch of hip-hop” you’ll love Ayo.

Here’s what you missed: Last week’s #WhatMattersWed’s theme focused on the power of manifestation and how to banish negative self-talk. 

What you believe becomes your beacon - Your success or lack thereof hinges on your internal dialog made manifest; what you tell yourself matters.

Friday’s post, What size is your midlife? was a bit of a rant complete with a few f*ck bombs for effect. I shared the link on Facebook and was a little salty that I didn’t get much feedback.

The occasion was a reminder that as much as I want positive feedback, that I can’t give up when I don’t get any. 

Things that made me think: A recent study suggests hot flashes may be connected to heart attacks and cognitive decline. I found this article extremely disturbing because, for the past year, I’ve had increased heart palpitations and memory issues. If this is you too, get yourself checked out, please. 

More to read: Outside of reading briefs from The New York Times, I’m not much for following the news. I do, however, enjoy reading The Daily Good, my daily dose of feel-good links curated by the awesome ladies of The Good Trade, check it out. 

Okay, short and sweet in your inbox this Monday. I hope you have a great week!

Thanks again for reading #RealTalk. Let me know what you think about today's post. 

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