Summertime is for new habits and a baby Rocky.

Real Talk - Vol. 1 update and recap.

I started this month with the intention to create better habits. I’ve been on an emotional seesaw for a while, likely due to the continued cold weather of my new surroundings. Seriously, Washington state apparently doesn’t understand the concept of summer. 

My plan for creating better habits for myself was to start with daily intentions, things like, be kind to yourself and others, take deep breaths, be grateful… you know, the usual. But then it occurred to me that intentions without commitment are just wishes and that doesn’t jive with my #LiveOnPurpose motto. So, I decided to do something that would incorporate my intentions with action; I started running.

I haven’t had a consistent running routine in years but now I get up every morning, before coffee even, and get myself outside. Even on mornings that I’d rather sleep in, my commitment to stick with it compels me, just as it compels me to keep going when my lungs scream at me to stop. Each day since I started running I can feel improvements, just today I added another lap to my routine and didn’t stop once!

Usually, I have a tendency to overthink and over plan but sometimes it’s best to just put yourself out there - to show up and show out. If you’re putting off starting a healthy habit, why wait, just do the thing.    

Aside from my new healthy habit I also did some reading of works that are more in line with the type of writing that I want to share with you. My goal is to create a blog space that is ripe with truth, inspiration, and motivation - think ultra-personal, confessional creative non-fiction, with a twist.

My first installment, I’m dying tomorrow, now what? is a glimpse of a defining and scary experience I had a few years ago. Let me know what you think of it and if you can relate.  

On a lighter and more social note, I’ve been spending some time on Twitter and I must say that I enjoy my time there much more than Facebook. Just look…

This baby imitating Rocky video is practically the best thing I’ve seen online in a long time. Bless his heart. 

Okay, short and sweet in your inbox this week. I promise to get back on schedule and for my VIP subscribers, stay tuned for a special project coming up in the next few weeks. #NoSpoilers. 

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