Renewed commitment.

#RealTalk vol 6

Hello, my lovelies, happy first day of Fall! Welcome new sign-ups and thank you to my loyal readers, I appreciate you. 

Last week's post, Monsters generated a lot of traffic and comments. I was tickled (and maybe horrified?) by one message suggesting that our monsters should be allowed to run free, just short of a scene from The Purge. 😳

My aim for writing Monsters was to purge my soul after visiting family in New Jersey. The truth is, I'm still processing my feelings from being back in my hometown. It might be a little while before I publish Part Two as intended.

That many of you could relate to my going home again experience is astounding to me. I feel like I should commiserate with you, yet at the same time throw out fist bumps and high fives because, like me, you survived. In either instance, please know that I value each email and message of support and encouragement I receive. 

I'm grateful for the kindness you all give me since most often, I feel like I'm alone in my feelings. Which is where I find myself again, in my feels.

When I found my way back to writing last November, my mission was to get my feelings out of my head and heart. I needed a way to work through my breast explant experience and navigate midlife. 

For a very long time, my thoughts were all jumbled in my head - be it from hormonal changes or just life, I couldn't think clearly to write, let alone share anything. 

Since then, I've taken a round-about journey to discover that my stories inspire and motivate others (you did that, thank you again). I now have clarity of purpose and feel more dedicated than ever to keep pushing forward, even on days when I feel like my writing is just adding more noise to the void. 

You help me to see that my decision to keep it real, to live on purpose, to show up and show out is not in vain. And so, this is where I need a little more help from you. 

I've been vague with my publishing schedule, and that's not cool, I need for you to hold me to the fire. 

"Intentions without commitment are just empty wishes." - jh

Here's my commitment to you - you can now expect to receive new post updates every Monday, Wednesday (for paid subscribers), and Friday. 

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What's caused the most difficulty in keeping to my schedule is that I don't want to share anything with you before it's ready. I don't want to write and share a post just for the sake of sharing something vs. nothing. I'm learning, though, you take me as I am. 

When writing, I have lots to remember about the art and business of creative writing - grammar, prose, style, marketing, personas, promoting, etc. - but in the end, none of that means a hill of beans without a commitment to writing and sharing regularly.  

Don't let me fall short of giving you what I've promised. You have my permission to call me out, in fact, I insist. Short of an illness or kidnapping, I will deliver new content to your inbox every week. Is that cool with you?

I went out on a limb when I shared Monsters, I was unsure how you'd take it; if you'd read it and think it was too weird. Thank you for reminding me that I'm not alone and that my stories matter. 

What's next?

#WhatMattersWednesday - Our weekly prompt where we discuss issues that matter in pursuing intentional living. Stay tuned to this channel. 

Things that made my ears perk up - Strong, assertive women who behave in authoritative ways risk being deemed difficult, brusque or bossy would benefit from likability coaching. Say what now? Gender disparity in the workplace is still prevalent, sigh.

Lastly, I got a surprising (and welcomed) shout-out last week in Weekend Mocha, the newsletter for Y Social Marketing:  

"Jae is a truthteller rewriting the midlife narrative. I love her openness and the way her writing sparkles with heart."

Thanks so much, Yolanda! Check out Y Social Marketing for creative social media strategy for your business and get the scoop on cool tools/apps on her Instagram feed.

Thanks again for reading #RealTalk, motivational badassery delivered right to your inbox. We’ll chat again soon.  

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