The evolution of #RealTalk.

#RealTalk vol 15

It's a busy week ahead for me. In preparation for my cross-country trip back to Florida from Washington, I had planned to get lots of content shored up for you all. Unfortunately, I’ve not had a creative rush, and I don’t have a backlog of posts at the ready. Well, I do… sort of. 

I have docs upon docs of drafts just waiting for release, but I don’t schedule content weeks in advance. Perhaps it’s silly of me but, I’m uneasy with the idea of having stories post that aren’t reflective of how I’m feeling in the present. 

The #RealTalk blog isn’t my first rodeo. In the past, I’ve had blogs where I set up a robust editorial calendar to auto-publish content. The problem was that I’d have a story publish and feel like a fraud if how I felt when I wrote the post had passed by the time it posted. I prefer to publish stories or social posts in real-time. As I said, I know that sounds silly, especially to my professional blogger folks out there who understand the value of front-loading content but, it’s my process.  

I once read an interview with Prince, where he explained that he got to a point in his career where he refused to sing songs the same as how he recorded them. He found in each new moment a choice to reflect on the past from a new perspective. Reflections take on a new dimension, depending on what angle we give focus. With that understanding, he found new ways to sing the same songs without feeling stale or like a fraud.

Gosh, if I can remember where I read that but, the sentiment struck me. Sure, I can look back at stories that I wrote and remember why I wrote them, but it’s not with the same eyes or heart space. 

And no, I’m not making excuses for being unprepared. The truth is, I don’t feel connected to any of my drafts right now. I’m not going to publish something for you before it’s ready, nor will I post anything that isn’t from my heart. 

With that said, the short of it is, until I have a story worthy of posting, I offer you a look back at some of my early stories. These are the stories that laid the foundation of #RealTalk

  • When Too Much Creativity Damages Productivity: This was my debut post after deciding to break from sharing content on several different platforms and launch on Substack. I hadn’t yet found my writing voice, but I was one step closer.  

  • How to Push Through Self-Doubt and the Fear of Failure: When I’m dealing with sensitive issues, especially fear and self-doubt, I write to myself first and then find elements that I hope can help others. This post was my first attempt to weave a personal story into a motivational article of sorts. 

  • Why I Now Live on Purpose Versus Live with Purpose: The seeds of #RealTalk were germinating when I wrote this post. I finally found that I wanted to write creative non-fiction but, I wasn’t entirely sure how to go about it without writing “diary” posts. It was after publishing this post, (and after a come-to-Jesus chat with my bestie) that I finally dared to break free of writing how-to articles.  

I have so much more to share with you. I appreciate your patience and support as #RealTalk grows and evolves.

As always, please let me know what content you'd like to see more (or less) of in the coming months. 

Thanks again for joining me on this journey.

Xo, jae

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